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    Old Church Slavonic is valuable to historical linguists since it preserves archaic features believed to have once been common to all Slavic languages such as these:. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. What do you know about Moscow, Russian capital? Apart from the question of who created the Cyrillic alphabet, however, the bulk of the system has remained to the present day and serves as the orthographic basis of several languages of the world in addition to Russian, including Ukrainian, Bulgarian, and Mongolian. It has often been hypothesized that the accentual distinctions were first converted into length distinctions, as in West Slavic , followed by the loss of distinctive vowel length.
    great russian language old church great russian language old church


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    Old East Slavic or Old Russian [4] was a language used during the 10th—15th centuries by East Slavs in Kievan Rus' and states which evolved after the collapse of Kievan Rus', from which later the Russian , Belarusian and Ukrainian languages evolved. The term "Rusian", with one "s", is similarly used by western scholars such as Horace Lunt. The language was a descendant of the Proto-Slavic language and faithfully retained many of its features. A striking innovation in the evolution of this language was the development of so-called pleophony or polnoglasie 'full vocalisation' , which came to differentiate the newly evolving East Slavic from other Slavic dialects. Since extant written records of the language are sparse, it is difficult to assess the level of its unity.
    great russian language old church great russian language old church

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    Old Church Slavonic is a language that was used by the Russian Orthodox Church between the 9th and 12th centuries. Church Slavonic appeared during the 14th century and is still used in the Russian Orthodox Church. According to legend, the Russian Orthodox Church was founded by the Apostle Andrew, who erected a cross at the current location of St. Andrew's Cathedral in Kiev. The communist revolution, which overthrew the Russian monarchy in , had the ideological objective of eliminating religion and targeted the Russian Orthodox Church for destruction.
    great russian language old church great russian language old church
    Participate today. The title Old Russian serves to denote the language of the earliest documents of the eastern branch of the Slavic family of languages. The composition of the oldest surviving documents generally dates to some time within the 10th century AD. The term Old Russian is something of a misnomer in that the initial stages of the language which it denotes predate the dialectal divisions which mark the nascent distinction between modern Russian, Belorussian, and Ukrainian. Thus Old Russian serves as a common parent to all three of the major East Slavic languages, and as such a more appropriate term for the language is Old East Slavic. Unfortunately, in addition to being cumbersome, this terminology is not universally applied even within modern scholarship. This is perhaps the most convenient of all the terms, but lamentably it is also the least commonly used.
    great russian language old church great russian language old church

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